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Spanking Lessons

A short film directed by David Schmoeller

"SPANKING LESSONS" is a short film that contemplates the notion that life begins with a violent birth at which time we get our first spanking for nothing. It's downhill from there. At every stage of our lives, we get some sort of spanking - an embarrassment, a humiliation, a beating, or worse.

It is a miracle we survive any of these stages of life. But in the end, just when we are expecting the last, most deadly spanking of all, we are saved - by the kindness of strangers. After all is said and done, we discover that, despite all the spankings of our lives, it is a wonderful world - and we continue on.

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06.16.07 | Spanking Lessons recieves CineVegas Nevada Short Film Jury Prize.
05.15.07 | Spanking Lessons will premiere at CineVegas Film Festival.
12.12.06 | Final cut of Spanking Lessons is completed!
05.25.06 | Photos page and Biography page are now up. They will continue to be updated.